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Thanks For the overwhelming response to this blog post! Unfortunately I no longer have the time to answer questions or comments on this blog.

I hope that questions and answers already asked will help you and I will leave them at the bottom of this post.  I believe i have answered just about every GEM question in the past several years and I hope this will serve as a useful archive for you.




 Quick Fact:  The Price on our Brand New Genuine Ford GEM Modules Start at $245.00 and go up to $399.00 depending on options.



This Blog is for 1997-2003 Ford F-15,F-250F-350, Expedition and Excursion GEM modules only.



Sorry! We cannot help you with Ranger, Sable, Taurus, Mustang, Explorer, Mountaineer, Year 2000 Excursion or sport trac. 


Uh-oh! So your dealer or mechanic has told you that you need a gem module to repair your vehicle. So now what? Your first question is what the heck is a GEM module? A GEM module is a General Electronic Module.  Sometimes you will see it called a Generic Electronic module, or body control module. For the price of these modules, you would think you are buying a box of diamonds, or other precious gems, unfortunately this is not the case, Sorry! What does a GEM Do? A GEM controls all the basic functions of the interior electrical of the truck Each configuration of a GEM on a vehicle can do many things, the most common things a GEM does is listed below, this is not an all-inclusive list, but includes the, most common options only:

  • Controls 4X4 on 4 wheel drive modes that have ESOF  (knob on dash to control 4 wheel drive).
  • Supplies power to the radio.
  • controls power windows and locks
  • some modules include receivers for key less entry.
  • Controls Windshield wipers.
  • Controls Dome Light.

Those are just the basics, they do other things on different vehicles, there are over 180 combinations of options.


Where is it located? In 1997-2001 Models it is bolted to the back of the interior fuse box. On 2002-2003 models it is on the back of the fuse box or behind the dash on the passenger side.


How Do I know if it is bad? Unless you are a 5 star mechanic, don’t try to diagnose this yourself, you will go crazy and end up, at a bar, divorced and your soon to be ex-wife will have taken your dog with her. Seriously, it is near impossible to diagnose without the proper equipment, save yourself hours of your time and lots of headaches and just take it to a shop to be diagnosed, don’t be cheap on this one! We know a diagnostic fee sucks, but it will give you peace of mind knowing exactly what the problem is.


What makes a GEM Module Go Bad? There are 2 things that make them go bad. Most Common: The Ford Waterfall. Windshields in these trucks were manufactured with a bad seal. The seal shrinks over time and deteriorates letting a nice waterfall pour down right into your gem module and fuse box. Check for green corrosion on your connector pins, or inside the fuse box for evidence of this. Semi Common: Your so lucky, your one of the very few lucky guys whose module just died on its own for absolutely no reason. Now don’t you feel special?


There are so many options, how would I ever know which one to buy? Let us find it for you, call us at 1-800-508-7110, or if you are brave enough to find it on your own, go here.


Does my Module need to be programmed by a Ford Dealer?  For 1997-2001 Models the answer is no.

Search For A New or Rebuilt Gem module now

Just enter your year make and model and the word Gem module Example: 1997 F-150 GEM Module.

If you have a 2002 or 2003 your module will require programming.  Avoid the Ford dealer at all costs! Have it programmed by an independent shop. Ford Dealers hate when you bring your own parts, they will make any excuse as to why the part you brought it will not work, and try to trick you into buying their module at a much higher price. A good Idea is to avoid them all together, most of the larger shops have the correct equipment for programming, if you are calling around just ask them if they have the equipment to program “as built codes” into GEM modules.


I have a 2002 or 2003 Model; will it have to be programmed for sure?  Yes. My Ford dealer says it does have to be programmed for my year model and it’s not a 2002 or 2003! Your dealer is being dishonest with you. GEM modules manufactured between 1996- and 2001 do not have programmable chips in them, the equipment to program GEM modules was not even available until late 2001. There is one exception though. A 2001 F-250, or F-350 Module does require programming.


Can I install it myself? Yes! Instructions with photos are at the bottom of all of our GEM module listings! How Do I find the right GEM module for my truck? Since there are so many different options, its best to let an expert help. Call us at 1-800-508-7110


Do you have GEM Modules for all vehicles? We have most of them, the ones we cannot get are for:

  • Ford Mustang
  • 2000 Excursion
  • Ford Ranger
  • Ford Taurus 
  • Ford Explorer
  • Any 1999 or 2000 F-250, or F-350 With The last 2 letters of the part number on your old module being “EE, EN, or EL, ir GB

Confused yet? Need Expert help? Give us a call at 1-800-508-7110 and we will be happy to help. We are the Ford GEM Module Experts with over 65,000 GEM Units sold!


Search For A New or Rebuilt Gem module now

Just enter your year make and model and the word Gem module Example: 1997 F-150 GEM Module.

250 Responses to “Ford GEM Modules”

  1. RON says:

    Thanks for the info, glad I found it all in one place. Can you post the instructions next?


    • 0gTp88LbT4O says:

      If you go to any of the product listing on our sites for GEM Modules you can see illustrations and instructions. Just scroll to the bottom and they are there. In the future we will make a dedicated Blog post for just the instructions.

  2. teddy martin says:

    Can you send email me a cost for a gem for a 1999 f150 4×4 swist knob xlt keyless remote,power windows,powerlocks,4.6 eng.,

  3. James says:

    No problem, Check your Email I sent you a link directly to the part you need.



  4. Mr White says:

    Have a 1997 ford F150,two wheel drive. dealer tells me i need GEM Module ,,P/N they gave me is F75Z14B205LA. Power locks but no power windows. Dome light and wipers do not work. Dealer said looks like water damage to module. So question is do you have one? Can’t find one here in the Tacoma Wa. area. Can you HELP?

  5. James says:

    you can find the GEM you need at the link below.



  6. Aaron says:

    James, I have a 97 expedition. The four wheel drive does not work, the best I get is the AWD light flashing on the dash. I have replaced the shift motor and I can shift the T-case by hand and checked the actuator on the axle and switch, they seem to be fine. How can I check my GEM before I pay $262 for a new one?

    • James says:

      It sounds like your GEM is most likely bad. There is no way to test the GEM on your own. You will need to take to to a shop with a Snap on or Rotunda Scan too. This way you can be sure that it is the GEM Before you go spending too mcuh money on a new one. It could also be the fuse box, but the GEM is most likely the culprit.


  7. Mark says:

    This good to know for anyone who keeps ford cars and will visit this blog again

  8. Doug Turner says:

    James, I have a 1999 5.4l expedition with power door locks,power windows,and keyless entry.The problems are intermittent dome lights,radio, door locks, and door ajar warnings. Will your 99′ GEM and fusebox listed work for my vehicle.

    • James says:

      It sounds like the GEM is most likely bad. IF you can tell me if yours is 2 or 4 wheel drive I can direct you to the right one on our site.



  9. Dan says:

    I’ve been having an issue with my battery draining on my 01 F250 psd. several things seem to be going wrong. The Alt. has an internal short and has to be replaced, besides that I have a maxi fuse for the ABS that shows a draw, a maxi fuse for the trailer brake controller that shows a draw, an under the dash fuse for the turn / hazards that shows a draw and a 5A fuse for the GEM that shoes a draw. when I reinstall any of these fuses, I show a draw of 4.3A. Could the GEM cause all of this?

    • James says:

      The battery is a common issue in 2001 F-250 and F-350 models. The GEM module has a circuit called a power saver that is supposed to automatically open all circuits, after a set amount of time. However the power saver feature goes bad and keeps All the circuits closed resulting is massive battery drain. However it sounds as you may have more issues in addition to the GEM. I would try a GEM First, and if that does not fix it I would try a new fuse box as well. You will also want to check for corrosion on both pieces and the wiring, and fix the windshield leak if you have that common issue also.


  10. ROY rOUSE says:

    I HAVE A 97 FORD EXP. 2WD 5.4 L EDDIE BAUER w/KEYLESS ENTRY. The vehicle began dying on me, it did not matter if it was idling or at 70 mph. When it died the theft light would flash. If I let it set after about 30 minutes it would some times restart, only to die again. I had Ford run a diagnostic and they informed me my PCM was bad. I replaced the PCM and then payed Ford to reprogram my keys for the new PCM. The vehicle continued to die only now the theft does not flash everytime. After paying for another diagnostic, Ford now tells me that my GEM is bad. They informed me that the GEM for my expedition is obsolete, that I would have to find the part on my own. They gave me a part # F85Z-14B205-LA, but when I removed the GEM it has a different part # F75B-14B205-CB. My question is which part do I need and could replacing the GEM solve my problem?
    Could you reply to both email addresses, please. Thank you.

    • James says:


      On the 1997 Model, it is not common or the GEM to make the vehicle die. However the theft light is controlled by the GEM. It is an issue with your Fuse box, the Gem module or both. Take it to a certified ASE Mechanic to have it diagnosed, not the dealership, sounds like they don’t have a clue and are just parts reparable, that will spend you money until they find the right part to fix the problem.


  11. Jim says:


    I have had several things go wrong with my 1999 F150 2-wheel, six cylinder drive with power door locks and power windows. Almost simultaneously my power windows on both sides stopped working, cruise control stopped working, and my heater blender door has a mind of its own. All started at about the same time. I got a used GEM and had an independent shop install it and passenger door window now works but the oother door window, cruise control and heater blender door still does not work. maybe I got the wrong GEM or one that also does not work since it is used. Do you think it could still be a GEM problem?

    Thanks in advance

    Jim Rife

    • James says:

      Sounds like multiple issues, The GEM controls all but the cruise control. It sounds like your mechanic installed the wrong GEM module, which may have shorted out portions of you fuse box. Your best bet would be to check for any corrosion on the GEM, Fuse box and wiring connectors in order to rule out water damage. If there is any replace your windshield before buying a new GEM and Fuse Box. You should replace your fuse box and GEM module, but be sure to get the right ones, you can call me at 281-416-4071 and I will guide you on the right ones.

      This is for to anyone out there reading this. I cant emphasize this enough. GEM MODULES ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!

      Not using the correct module will do serious damage to your vehicle, and cost you a lot more in the end. It might look the same (they all do) and it may plug in the same, but the circuit board on the inside is set up differently, causing different voltage to be sent to different components. Getting a used module from a salvage yard is not a good idea, as the salvage yards do not have a clue which gem goes to which truck with which options. I can usually get you a Brand new Genuine Ford GEM module for a lot less than the dealer is selling and it will be the right one. Call me James 281-416-4071

  12. Heather Edgemon says:

    My husband and I have a 2001 Navigator. We started having problems with the lights on the dash going off randomly & gauges not reading (like oil pressure). The heater & AC also quit working, although the system still blows air it does not heat or cool. We took it to the shop where we were told that it was indeed the windshield leaking which had fried our fuse box & GEM module. So here we are 3 days & $1,753.16 later and the dash lights are still doing the same thing and still no heat. Could it have been something else all together from the beginning or does this sound like a typical problem stemming from a bad GEM module? Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

    • James says:


      The issues you are experiencing are not related to the Gem module. They could however be partially related to the fuse box. It sounds like you have already replace both of those. It seem your mechanic probably misdiagnosed the vehicle, If he replaced the fuse box with a brand new Ford box, and the issues are still occurring, I would take it to another mechanic and have him check the interments cluster and AC controls. Thoes are most likely the culprit.


  13. Gary says:

    Thanks in advance. I have 2002 Ford F150 which has been having battery draining issues for 4-5 months, defroster blower turns on when truck is turned off, wipers will stop in middle of rain storm, and radio will intermittently shut off and on while truck is running. Does this sound like possible GEM problem. Two mechanics have not been able to dx.


    • James says:

      Sounds like it is the GEM module, but if it happens in a rainstorm, you may have a windshield leak. I would have it resealed before you go any further. if the issues persists than buy a new module. If there are still issues, rain could have gotten into your fuse box as well. and you will want to replace it next. The GEM usually solves the problem though.

  14. Edward says:

    hey just got my new gem module and i installed it Saturday .got in drove down the road and every thing work 4×4 windows interer lights, but i looked at the speedometer and it was’nt so i turn around and hraded home turn in at the house and no turn signels ether so i’m wondering now is my fuse box bad? any help would be great

    • James says:

      It sounds like you cluster is not getting power which could be the fuse box or cluster itself. The GEM does not control the speedo or turn signals.. The flasher relay for the turn signals is in the fuse box. My guess would be teh fuse box, but I would have it checked by a mechanic first.

  15. Tom Buoye says:

    I have a 2000 excursion. And all symptoms indicate i need a GEM and maybe a fuse box. Am I SOL? Do I have any options?


    • James says:

      Unfortunatley Ford no longer makes this module, the only option at this time is to find a used one is a salvage yard.


  16. Adsm says:

    So my 2000 f-250 diesel is at the dealer because the OD light on the gear selector started blinking and the tranny went into a sort of limp mode and began to shift hard.

    First they said it was a bad selinoid inside the tranny ($900 fix)…now they say it was the Power Control module that shorted out the selinoid when it went bad… they want $869 for a new Power Control Module….(same thing as a GEM right?) Does’t that sound like a crazy price? that does not even include labor! –Adam

    • James says:

      The GEM and the PCM are 2 different computers. It sounds like you need a PCM. The symptoms you have are not from the GEM. We do not sell the PCM. However you can usually get them for a lot less on ebay, and they are usually brand new Ford parts. You will have to get it programmed, but any large shop can do that for you, I would avoid the dealer.


  17. Adam says:

    Hey James…same message as before but could you respond to the e-mail on this reply

    So my 2000 f-250 diesel is at the dealer because the OD light on the gear selector started blinking and the tranny went into a sort of limp mode and began to shift hard.

    First they said it was a bad selinoid inside the tranny ($900 fix)…now they say it was the Power Control module that shorted out the selinoid when it went bad… they want $869 for a new Power Control Module….(same thing as a GEM right?) Does’t that sound like a crazy price? that does not even include labor! –Adam


  18. Norman says:

    I replaced the gem module on my 2001 ford f250 and everything works but the power windows, dome light, locks and hood light still will not work. Do you think a shot of wd40 would be a help on the connections for corrosion I may not have seen? any advice

    • James says:

      You may try to clean the terminals with some contact cleaner. if that does not work, you may have to replace the fuse box.


  19. Brandy McCann says:

    Hello I have a 2005 Ford Taurus and my husband just installed an after market stereo. He did connect a wire wrong and now the radio has no power, the Windows only work half the time, the information center is not working and neither is the gas gauge and windshield wipers. Is it the GEM or can this just be reprogramed and if it is the GEM do I have to take it to a shop to be programed. Help!
    Thank you so much

    • James says:


      a 2005 Taurus does not have a gem. You will need to get a smart junction box from your local Ford dealer.



  20. Darrell says:

    Windows and stereo quit working on my 2002 Expedition. Hit tape eject and radio lights up with no tape. Purchased GEM from this site and replaced. Still no window or stereo (other than eject). What else should I look at?

    • James says:


      IF the gem did not fix your issue, it may be something else. It could be possibly be the fuse box, though it sounds like you are getting power to the radio. If there are not power to the windows i would have a master electrician look at the fuse box and all wiring for you.

  21. Mark says:

    I am having an electrical issue with my 2002 mercury mountaineer 4.6L AWD. I think they are all related somehow but i’ll give you a list of what’s happening:

    1. When locking the doors (and all are shut) horn chirps twice indicating something is open.
    2. Exterior mirror lamps and interior lamps stay on for 10 or so minutes after the door is locked…once they shut off, if I use the keyless entry code…the alarm goes off.

    3. The lock button on the drivers door will only work if the key is in the ignition and the door is closed.

    4. Also, when I take the key out and turn the car off without opening the door, the stereo shuts off and I believe it’s supposed to stay on.

    5. When I hit the rear defrost button, the door ajar light comes on as well as the dome lamp.

    Is this a GEM issue and is there a part available for my model or do I have to find one? If
    I have to find one, will I need to have it programmed or can I just swap it out? :/

    • James says:


      The symptoms you describe are typical of the GEM. We do nor carry one for your model, but when you find one it will have to be programmed.


  22. Jeff says:

    I have a 1997 F150 2 wheel drive and in 2005 I have the windsheild resealed to stop a water leak. Had an air bag light but that when out when everything dried out. Fast forward to December 2012. I had not driven the truck in two week. After several heavy rain storms whent to start the truck and the battery was completly drained. Noticd water on the floor board again just like in 2005. Had the battery charged and test and checked out ok. Several weeks before this the Air Bag light can on. After starting and driving the truck the Overdirve light was blinking and the check engine light came on, also the passenger side power window does not work from either the driver or passenger side (driver side and power locks work fine) an when I removed the key the door chime kept on ringing. With engine off I could here a clicking sound near the power distrubution box but could not isolate it.
    Ran an OBDII scan and got a P0500 VSS veriable speen sensor on the trans.
    I removed the GEM and Fuse Box and did not see any noticable corrosion on any connections or terminals. What is the chances the problem is the GEM or am I looking in the wrong directions

    • James says:


      You have multiple issues, your GEm may be the problem with teh chime and windows, but as for the others it sounds like a pcm, air bag and fuse box may be needed. You will want to have this checked by a electrical mechanic before spending too much on parts.


  23. Jeff says:

    Hi James,
    On closer inspection of the fuse box where it bolts to the dash, at the bottom of the box there is some minor green oxidation on the outside of the case where is comes together and I attempted to open the fuse box just slightly and some crud like dark brown came out (specks of rust?) dirt proceeded to fall out. Not a lot but noticeable. What do you make of this?

    • James says:

      It sounds like you may have had dirty water run through the windshield leak down into the fuse box as well. You may need a GEM and fuse box, but that may not solve all of the issues, but will cure some. It’s a good way to start, but you may need more parts down the line to cure all of the problems.


  24. Brian says:

    I have a 2003 F250 4×4 Crew Cab Lariat. Purchased it used 2 years ago with a door ajar light illuminated on the instrument cluster at all times. Figured it was a door switch. Took it to the Ford Stealer and they told me the door switches were functioning normally. They said their computer could not communicate with my truck’s computer (is this the GEM?) After keeping my truck for 4 days they still couldn’t diagnose the problem without further diagnostics (and cost)…I said forget it and moved on. Every once in a while after starting the engine, the radio will cut out for about 10-30 seconds and power windows will not function. Once the radio comes back on, the windows work normally. I do have a switch on the dash to control the 4×4, but I also have to go outside and manually lock he hubs if I want 4wd. Lariat’s came standard w/ keyless entry, so I am assuming my truck has it. The guy I purchased the truck from said that it did have keyless entry, but he had lost the fobs. Are these issues related to the GEM? Is this also called a Vehicle Security Module? Please advise if this is the issue and direct me to the correct replacement. Thanks.

  25. Colt says:

    Hi James.
    I own a 1997 Ford F150 2wd truck. just installed a new battery this evening. Went to start the truck and noticed my dome lights were on even with doors closed (never happened before new battery) opened my door thinking maybe i had left my interior dimmer switch on and had no door chimes (had those before) and the dimmer switch was not left in the on position. confused i decided what the heck lets see if it starts. turned the ignition into the on position and my wipers and squirt started up. radio did not turn on. and still no door charm. turned the ignition off. checked my battery cables for crossed wires, they were on correctly. attempted to start the truck again. turned ignition into the on position same problems as earlier mentioned and when turning the ignition to crank the engine over i had no response from the starter. so the truck now sits dead in the driveway. i sit here confused and needing help. any advice you can offer me would be VERY VERY appreciated. from all research i have done it seems it may be the GEM. phoned a dealership to try and gather more information. they tried to convince me that my truck supposedly has a little blinking red light on top of the dash under the rear view mirror… i was looking at the dash. it doesn’t told them that and they hung up. lovely. I am lost and need your help. patiently awaiting your reply

    • James says:


      Thats a tough one, it sounds like you may have shorted something in the fuse box or gem, the symptoms you describe are symptoms of both being bad or shorted. Its hard to tell on that one, and you may have more issues as well. The wipers and radio are the GEM, as for the starting, that could be the fuse box, or the PCM. There is no bliking red light, whoever told you that is incorrect. You could buy a new fuse box and gem and it may solve the issues, but you may want to have it towed to a reputable shop, Not the dealership and see if they can dignose if for you before you spend money on parts.


  26. James Quinn says:

    Hi James,

    I have a 2000 Excursion V-10 4×4. after rain had all sorts of electrical problems. There was a very heavy rain and I tryed to start the truck and the battery was dead. charged the battery up and it was very hard to start. After about a week the starting problem was getting worse. When it did start it runs fine. I had my wife run water on the roof and I noticed water leaking into the interior. I pulled the fuse panel and saw the water leaking onto the fuse box. I pulled the fuse box and there was water in it. Tried to open it and clean it but decided to get a used one. I found one and installed it. every thing lights up as it should; however, it still will not start. It will turn over but not start. I reset the fule shoutoff switch and checked all the connections, could it be the GEM causing it not to start? It acts like it is not getting fuel. The problem started when it would rain. I am unsure if I should buy a GEM at this point, because everything works all lights and raido. Please help.

    • James says:


      Unfortuantely I do not have much info on a 2000 Excursion. The GEM module for this vehicle is discontinued, so Ford has no more info on it. Usually starting problems, are a relay or the fuse box, and are not attributed to the GEM until later models. You may want to try a used GEM from the junk yard and see if that fixes your issues. Sorry I am not much help on this one.


  27. Bill says:

    I have an 03 F150, Factory anti-theft 4×4, power windows, power seat, power roof, Lariat supercrew. What GEM do I need and what is the price. Also will this Gem require programming. Thanks Bill

  28. Sean says:

    Hi James
    I have a 2007 ford f150 5.4 litre XLT. My problems first started with the radio not working and on the radio display was stuck on phone. Then the daytime driving lights would not shut off and there is a clicking noise under my dash.when the lights do go off my battery drains within 5 hours. I have checked all the fuses they seem fine. Could this be my GEM module. If it is does it need to be programmed by Ford. Do you guys carry the module?

    St Johns NL

    • James says:


      a 2007 does not have a GEM, so you may need to check into other options for the problem.


  29. Rick says:

    I just bought a 1997 F150 4×4, my cruise control is not working, also sometimes I have heat in sometimes I don’t, also I have no daytime running lights, and my keyless entry is not working, when I check my manual almost all of them are on number 5 fuse, but number on number 5 fuse it says back up lights and they work, what does this sound like to you.

    • James says:

      The issues you describe are not the GEM module. It may be a fuse nox or wiring issue, the Keyeless on your truck is controlled by the security module, not the GEM


  30. Rick says:

    I wonder if it has something to do with the aftermarket radio that was installed

    • James says:

      Unless the installer did a really bad job, I do not think it is that, I would get it checked out locally, It is most liekly the fuse box, but with electrical, it is usually best to get an experts hand on it to track down the issues.

  31. Rick says:

    sounds good I appreciate that thank you

  32. Kyle says:

    My mechanic tells me my gem module is drawing from the batteries when the truck is off. Everything seems to work fine except after sitting a few days my batteries don’t have the necessary juice to start the truck. I’ve been looking for a new module. The truck is a 1999 f350 super duty 7.3L powerstroke. It has power locks, windows, keyless entry, 6-speed manual transmission, and manual locking front hubs. Do you need to know the vin number as well? Thank you

  33. Kyle says:

    Thank you

  34. Kyle says:

    When you say watch out that someone is selling the old model, how do you know if it is or isn’t?

  35. James says:

    The only way to tell is to look at the cardboard box that the part comes in when it is new from us or from Ford. You can give me the part number on that label and I can tell you which version it is. The sticker on the module itself will not tell as it is only an engineering number.

  36. Kyle says:

    Alright, thank you

    • James says:

      That is not the number, The part number Will be 3 sets of numbers and will be something like this XXXX-14b205-XX (replace the x’s with numbers). It Will be on the end of the cardboard box the GEM comes packaged in and will say fFrd genuine parts, and the part number.

  37. Kyle says:

    I’m not sure but this my be the part number on the box: S123300-T30538. Does that look right?

  38. Kyle says:


  39. Erik says:

    Hi i have a 2003 ford f250 crew cab lariat fx4 having some kind of electrical problem i think..on cold morning starts my instrument gauges
    Start acting crazy flickering back and fourth, radio keeps cuting off and on, interior lights are flickering aswell while gauges are going crazy last about 5- 20 minutes then will work fine the rest of the day.. Unless the truck sits for a long period of time then will go crazy agian at start up..,
    Truck starts up and idles fine and runs good no problems..
    Acouple of days ago after gauges going crazy for about 30 min
    They finally gauges got stuck and gave a code u0155 radio wouldnt work, no interior light, windows had no power, but power locks still worked…
    Truck started and ran fine for a day then gauges started working again with the same
    Flickering problems as mentioned earlier happing more in colder weather

    Thanks in adavance for your help

  40. Kyle says:

    Hi James. I was wondering if you have any idea about when you might get more gem modules for a 1999 ford f-350 super duty powerstroke with keyless entry, power windows and locks, manual transmission, with manual locking front hubs. Thank you, I appreciate it

    • James says:

      They are on back order right now. I do have a few on order, but they are not giving me an ETA at this time. I usually get 1 or 2 in a month, I added you to the email list so once we get some in you will get an email.

  41. Ray says:

    Hi James,

    I have a 2001 F-150 (5.4, 4×4, supercrew) and have had difficulty starting the truck after a string of heavy rain storms. On initial start, my truck ran fine over a short 5 mile trip. I then had trouble trying to restart it. The engine finally started, although idling rough, enough for me to get it back home. I haven’t been able to start it since.

    I found that my windshield was leaking, and discovered a pool of water on the passenger side floor board channel. I found the metal mount for the PCM to be heavily rusted. Surprisingly, driver side floor board remained dry with little/no rust on associated metal mount tabs. I pulled passenger side drain plugs and let it dry out.

    Visual inspection of fuses/relays in driver kick panel fuse box seemed to check out okay. My interior electrical (dome lights, windows, locks, radio, etc.) seem to operate properly indicating a good GEM. Engine compartment fuse box fuses/relays appear unaffected by water intrusion. When I try to start it, truck cranks strong but doesn’t catch like no spark available. Fuel pump kicks on w/ key in “on” position. Theft light blinks when I crank. Check engine light stays illuminated when key is in “on” position with engine off.

    Are these signs of a fried PCM, or possibly a PATS issue? Unfortunately I only have one key. I appreciate your help. Thanks!

    • James says:


      I sounds like either the PCM is damaged, or a circuit in the fuse box is bad. You can go to a local shop and have the truck hooked to a scanner, if the PCM gives codes or does not communicate that may be your issue. The GEM is most likely no the issue if starting is your only problem.

  42. Ray says:

    Hi James,

    I have a simple code scanner that I hooked up to my truck. No codes thrown, however, I did note that the scanner wasn’t able to communicate to several monitors. I think the PCM would be my culprit then? I wasn’t able to find a PCM for sale on this site, are they available here? Also, it is my understanding that I would need to have the new PCM programmed by the dealer. Do I have to get the truck towed to the dealer, or can I just bring my new and old PCM in for a program? Thanks again for your help.


    • James says:

      Sorry we do not do PCM modules. You will need a new module and the truck to program it, the mechanic will need to just upload some codes into your obdII port. It can be done off the truck as well, but the equipment to do this is rare.

  43. scott says:

    I have a early 99 model ford f350 and my wipers and radio stopped working. Can you send me a price and exact gem module i would need to my email.

    • James says:


      We will need more information about the truck, please call me at 281-416-4071 to discuss.



  44. Scott says:

    I have a 97 Expedition, 2WD, 4.6L. Recently, The power windows and dome light stopped working. Here’s the kicker. When it’s been cold, everything works fine. Once it’s been running for 20-30 min, they all stop working. I replaced the fuses, bot under dash and under hood, then replaced the Accessory Delay Relay. Still having the same issue. Could this be the GEM? I’ve even wondered if there’s a wiring issue, such as in the rubber boot in the door maybe? I’m at a loss at this point.

    • James says:


      these are typical GEM Issues, it is most likely the GEM since you have replaced it with a fuse box already, I am assuming it was a brand new one. Usually when the truck is cold inside is when GEM problems occur, so yours is asking opposite of the norm.

  45. Nehemias says:

    hi, the power windows, radio and dome lights stopped working on my expedition 2001. they tell me it’s a fuse, how do i know which fuse is it? if it is the GEM like i read in some of the comments, where is it located?

  46. Tony says:

    James, I have a 98 F-150 ESOF 4WD I have traded out the GEM twice now. Do the numbers (mine is F85B-14B205-NA C) need to match EXACTLY. The last one I tried is
    F85B-14B205-KA G. My 4WD quit working about 6 months ago. Now no radio, however other GEM controlled items (wipers, windows, door locks, etc) are all working. Could there be a relay issue, or is this all GEM. I’ve checked fuses and they are all good. I’ve got the swap out time down to 30 min on this, but it is still a pain. Any and all help will be GREATLY appreciated.

  47. Bo says:

    I have a 2003 f250 xlt with 5.4l . Replaced instrument light bulbs and what is happening all gauges die, windows,the two map lights as well as the stereo die. But it seems like the large plug on the right side of the cluster isn’t making a good connection cause if I push or move it slightly everything comes back on but not sure if it is just coincidence and moving wire some where else in the harness also I can tap on the cluster face and the break warning light will come on then everything dies again. Do you think the GEM is going bad or bad connection at the plug to the cluster? Thank you every much for your time and input.

    • James says:

      It sounds more like a cluster issue to me. However the windows and radio sound like the GEM. You may have 2 problem,s but I would get the cluster plug fixed first, and the gem would be the next option.

  48. Jack says:

    I have a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport with a manual 5 speed. The Gem control module has gone out and it is stuck in four low. I need replacement part and can not find.

    • James says:

      Sorry there is not gem available for your explorer. Ford does not make them any more. Your only option will be the salvage yard.

  49. Jake says:

    First, thanks for all your hard work on here James, the info has been helpful already. My problem is this…I have a 2000 Ford Taurus V6 Vin-U. I was having intermittent start problems, as well as a slight delay/jerk from 1st to 2nd gear. Finally the car all but quit starting the day I took it to a transmission shop, and turned out it was the TRS. Replace that, but now the delay/jerk is still there sometimes, and new problems have started.

    My wife was driving down the road(approx 40MPH) and the car swiftly stalled/jerked and she looked down to see the THEFT light turn on for a second, but the car continued on and never acually died. Today when I drove it, I notice when the brakes are pressed, winshield wipers move, rear defrost button is compressed that the cabin lights and dashboard and radio lights dim.

    Mechanic seems to think it is GEM, and says it’s about $1200 to replace?! He is going to hook it up for codes when I get it up there at lunch. Does this sound GEM relaed to you, and if so do you carry this GEM at a cheaper cost than 1200/will it need to be programmed.

    • James says:

      It sounds like you may have a GEM problem, but also possibly a PCM or TCM Problem as well. The GEM would be your best bet to start. We do not sell them for Taurus, but $1200.00 is way out of line on pricing. The GEM should be about $300.00 from the Ford Dealer and the labor should be about 1 hour. I would pay no more than $400.00 for the Job.


  50. Erik says:

    I have a 1999 Ford F450 V-10. No power windows, No power door locks, No 4 wheel drive, not sure if it every had keyless entry(I’m thinking no, without power locks). All fuses and relays are good. The wipers do not function, radio has no power and door ajar light is glitchy. Do these all sound Gem related? Number on existing GEM is F81B-14B205-AD.
    I see on your site you have GEMs for up to a F350, would the F450 require the same module?

  51. Todd says:

    HI I have a 1997 F250 Light duty, 4×4 with 5.4 auto, air cruise, pw/pl , with floor shift 4×4 and was told gem is bad since it does a mirad of crazy electrical things, doesn’t charge when dome light is off , intermittent wierd things and the windshield leaks. What part number would I need, thanks Todd

  52. Darrel says:

    Helping a poor college student who recently purchased a 2003 Taurus. Today the power windows, dome light and power mirrors stopped working. Checked fuses and relays found no problem. If it is the Gem, how much? Should we take it to a regular mechanic or to an automotive electrical shop? One more question…. Could it be possible for her to drive it for a couple of weeks before something else goes out?

  53. pablo says:

    I have a 2000 Ford F550 7.3L Auto/Power lock/Power windows/ no keyless entry
    It has most of the symptoms described as being a bad GEM module: draining batteries, trying to start without key in the ignition, dome light staying on or flickering, sometimes the radio stays on. The good thing is that I already have replaced the windshield and seal.
    Please tell me that you have the GEM module and the fuse panel in stock. How do I order it! Thank you for your advise.

    • James says:

      HI I will need the number off of your old fuse box and module on a f-550 along with some other info. Give me a call at 1-800-508-7110 to discuss.


  54. Cal says:


    First, thank you, for taking the time out of your personal life to be so helpful on this page. So, I guess I am also thanking you for all the other people you have helped on this page.
    My problem, I have a 2007 F-150, 2WD, 6 cylinder, base model, 80k miles, no power windows or locks. This winter, all of a sudden my door ajar light start coming on and off at different times. The door is shut and working properly. Obviously, you get a wonderful dinging noise from the door ajar warning going on and off as I drive because of this. I then recently noticed, it also happens at times when I press and release the brake. Its weird. Any ideas and what I would need to do to fix this problem. I did read a post on the internet where another guy had the same problem with his door ajar, he actually took the wire off the door latch switch and grounded it to the truck and it solved his problem. What do you think buddy?

    • James says:

      It sounds like a door ajar switch problem. I don’t think it is anything major. You can just replace the pin switch, should cost you less than $10.00.


  55. Renee says:

    I have a 2000 F-250 7.3L diesel, everything is working great except the 4×4. I took it to dealership to have a diagnostic done on it. Once the diagnostic was done they said it was a bad solenoid because it had a bad pin, so I said to fix it cost was $275. After that part was replaced they called me back and said that didn’t fix it because there was power going in to fuse box but none coming out, so they said I need a new fuse box panel and a GEM , for a extra $850.00. This all happened last week and they still don’t have my truck repaired, they have had my truck for a total of 10 days.

    Any response you could give me would be greatly appreciated!



  56. Raymond says:

    Hello James,
    We have a 2002 F250 diesel superduty…sometimes the power locks/windows, radio and instrument panel dont work…or the instrument panel goes a little crazy flipping from side to side..then they come back on and then go off…etc..sometimes event the battery light cycles on and off too at the same time…would this be the GEM module and if so which one do we need? Thanks so much for your help in advance!!

    • James says:


      The GEM will most likely cure the window and lock problems, but will not help with the cluster. You may have another issue with that. I Will need more info on the truck to find the right module for you. You can all me at 1-800-508-7110.

  57. Raymond says:

    Do you still think its the GEM if all this occurs at the same time?? windows, locks, radio and panel acting crazy? Any clue what the other issue is? Gonna try to call you tomorrow. Thanks Bud

  58. Michael Harmon says:

    I have a 2001 Ford F250 SD XLT 4×4. My problem is remote keyless entry. Everything else seems to be working properly.
    The issue is the FOB only works when pointed directly under the dash. Dealer tells me I probably need a new GEM module. So, before i spend the money on that I want to be sure.
    Does the GEM sound like the culprit in my situation? I believe the only way to find the exact part number for my truck is to remove the fuse panel and GEM module. Then separate the two to reveal the label? I’m trying to avoid that since I’m told it’s a real pain. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  59. Vince says:


    I am also experiencing similar issues. I recently purchased a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT, auto, 4×4, manual locks & windows. I thought that I got a really good deal, but now I’m starting to second guess myself after reading what the possible solution is for the condition I bought the vehicle in. The dome light, heater, a/c, wipers, speedometer and odometer are all not working. I tried switching out 2 GEM modules from the same exact model, but from a salvage yard, had no luck.

    Is it a guarantee that a NEW GEM Module for my vehicle will NOT need programming? And, that its a plug-and-play kind of part? I have been doing a lot of researching and came across (in Chilton’s manual online) that for example for a speedometer dropping to zero while driving — “after installing the new GEM, perform exhale functions from diagnostic tool to program new GEM with existing vehicle parameters/attributes”. (Article No. 01-18-4) Is this accurate?

    I understand that you are unable to get GEM Modules for my vehicle, but any and all knowledge regarding the issues with my vehicle will be greatly appreciated. Please assist me with this issue(s) in any way that you can & guide me with the accurate steps to avoid outrageous fees.

    Thank You,

    • James says:


      Unfortunately I do not have much info for rangers at all. The reason we do not sell the modules for Rangers is that the GEM is usually never the problem. Years ago we did sell them, only to have them never fix the problems, so we decided not to sell them any more. If you tried 2 used ones, and the problem still exists, the Gem is most likely not the culprit. I would have it looked at by a certified Electrical mechanic. Sorry I could not be of more help.


  60. Me says:

    You prolly never get kudo’s W/O a sale, but you have the most informitave info, no BS included blog? I stumbled onto ur site at 1 am last nite, stranded, fighting a bug that was there, but elusive over past 5 yrs, until last nite!
    Obviously, I can pull a fwd driveshaft and kno how overrunning clutches work, ( my real love was my 48 & 52 Willys overland panels, 360 olds pwr 33″ cepeks and blown spiders! I Solved the spun axle shaft prob,.Fun unit…..
    Anywho, 2000 F250 ext cab 4 wd, I w as sweating a PCM, but info provided by just reading your responses ” Got ER done” Didn’t need to hit unup for pin outs to jumper past, believe me I could of, diode bridges are standard…..

    Thx bud. Good a new customer, hope note loll

    BTW, human? Yes. abynormal ? Short trip.

    Thx again. Nobody says that anymore………..

  61. Ryan says:

    I just bought a 2003 expedition Eddie Bauer it has a few issues like 4wd doesn’t work lights and radio stay on after vehicle is shut off and doors opened the abs light and air bag lights are on the transmission works good except for electronic overdrive it slips in overdrive only automatic headlights don’t work I have heard about these gem modules but I’m not sure if the vehicle has it any help would be appreciated

  62. Roger says:


    What a blog! Lots of excellent information. So, I have a 2000 Ford Excursion that the wipers turn on for no reason, the radio quits and blinks showing cd tr 01 or changing channels and scanning and showing tro 01. Let me know your thoughts on this one. For the wipers I was told to change the turn signal switch and that would fix it, but the radio has me baffled.

    • James says:


      If you wipers are the only issue, It most likely is not your GEM module. The radio scanning will be an issue with the radio itself. I would try changing the turn signal switch first to see if that solves your wiper problems.


  63. Travis says:

    I have a 2001, 2 wd Expedition that displays GEM problems. Tries to start without a key in the ignition, windows not working, interior lights working as they want to. It also started running rough at the same time the other problems started. There is no obvious water damage to the GEM. Any suggestions

  64. James says:

    The GEM must be programmed before the first use. It will try to calibrate itself, but will be unsuccessful. You can try to have it programmed now, but that is why we stress programming is required for 2002 models.

    You may take it to your local garage and try programming it, it may be too late though, and you may have to buy a new module.

  65. Mark says:

    So that I am clear, is there a way to have it programmed without it being installed in the truck and if not then after installation I need to have it towed to the shop so as not to burn out another bcm.

    • James says:

      The Truck and the module must be together at the same time. The new module Must be installed into the truck and programmed before the truck is started. There is no way to program it without it being in the truck.

      The module is programmed thru the OBDII port on the truck.


  66. Ken Fanning says:

    Hi, I need help…. I bought a 2001 F250 ford super duty 7.3 about 3 weeks ago. The truch has been running very good no issues. last night it rained a whole lot. I got in the truck this morning and the speed odometer would not work and the over drive light on the gear shift was blinking and I could not it to go off. I stopped at the store and when I turned off the ignition the radio would not go off, after a while it finally turned off went into the store came out in a few minutes and the horn was blowing solid. When I opened the door it stopped…..close the door the horn blows. it finally stopped I droved it home, turned off the engine after a few minutes the horn starts to blow again. I pulled the horn fuse, the truck sets. could it be the GEM module???? Thanks for your help

    • James says:


      It sounds like your GEM may be the issue, as well as the Fuse box and Possible the PCM. You need to reseal your windshield and let everything dry out. If the issues continue you should have it diagnosed by a mechanic. The Overdrive light is not controlled by The GEM so you may have a PCM issue as well. The other issues are GEM related, except for the horn which is fuse box, or wiring related.


  67. Carl Sorensen says:


    I have a 2003 F350 6.0 liter diesel.

    I’ve done the diagnostics to convince me that I need to replace the GEM module.

    I’ve ordered a new module from you.

    In some places you say a 2003 will need to be reprogrammed. In other places you say “there is a slim chance” it will need to be reprogrammed.

    How can I find out if I really do need to have it reprogrammed?



    • James says:


      The newest Ford version requires programming for 2003 Models. Unfortunately there is no way to avoid the programming any more.



  68. Q says:

    I have a 98expedition w 4.6 v8 and everything works fine except cruise control,windows,and Interior lights. I checked all relays and fuses I am certain it’s the gem module. Could I replace it with one grime the salvage yard from another truck of the same year and engine and 2wd?

    • James says:

      As lon gas the part number on your old module matches the Junkyard part number exactly. It will work for you no problem.


  69. Danny says:

    I have a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer and about 3 weeks ago my wife was driving it and all the guages went crazy and the dash lit up like a christmas tree and the AC stopped working. She said all came back just fine but the stabilty control stood lit. I used the truck 2 days later and it worked ok with no problems until I took it to car wash. I shut off the truck and handed them the key and they washed the truck then they started the truck and pulled it out to dry it and shut it off. After they were done they handed me the keys and when I jumped in the truck didnt do anything. Everything electrical works except no crank. I noticed the PATS system light blinking rapidly which obviously means wrong key in the ignition or not reading thhe key. IDK what to do. I was told to replace the cluster but I havent been able to locate one and I dont even know if that is realy the problem. I did take it out bang on it alittle and put back in but that didnt help. Can you pls try to point me in the right direction.

    • James says:


      The be honest I am not familiar much with a mountaineer., but is sounds like you need a Smart Junction Box. That is what I would have tested first.


  70. Jeff says:


    My truck is a 2003 4×4 f250 with no frills. Manual windows, manual locking hubs ect. I had an after market radio installed 3 days ago and today I went to hit the wipers first thing in the AM and they moved 1/2 way and stopped, the radio shut off but I was able to power it back on.

    Do you know if this sounds like a GEM module? I browsed a forum and someone mentioned there was soomething behind the radio that controlled the wipers as well?

    Thanks in advance

  71. Stephen says:


    I have a 2003 F150 xlt super crew 5.4L.
    I recently installed a new radio reciever i grabbed at walmart.
    I got a harness and got everything wired using a diagram I found online, everything seemed pretty straight forward until I reconnected the batter.
    The radio had power but no music just static on all channels and aux port.

    I disconnected the harness and checked the wiring and when I put it back on and connected the battery there was a small spark from the yellow power wire and now I have no power to my windows or radio at all.
    I put the stock radio back in to see if that would correct the problem but still have the same result.

    Changed a few blown fuses but didnt change anything.

    What could be the problem?
    Did i blow out something?GEM or wiring destroyed?

    • James says:

      It could be the GEM or the fuse box. Most likely it is the Gem, or wiring, I would have an ASE certified electrical mechanic check it for you, since you can spend a lot of money on parts and not fix the problem.


  72. Terry says:

    I have a 2001 ford ranger, and I can’t get it go all the way into 4wd… When I select the knob into 4w high I hear clicking coming from behind the glovebox.. It clicks 7or8 times then I have 4wd up to about 20 mph, it almost feels like it’s in neutral, and the 4×4 light is not on… I have since taken the truck off the road, but I would like to still use it to plow my driveway… Is there anyway I can get it locked into 4wd without putting very much money into it? It isn’t worth putting it back on the road.. Just to take care of my driveway in the winter.. Thanks

    • James says:


      Most likely you will need a GEM module. The Junk Yard will be your best bet, just be sure the part number matches exactly to the part number on your old module, or you will have serious issues.


  73. Rachel De Leon says:

    I have a bare bones 2008 Ford Ranger, 2.4 no electric window, just air conditioning and a radio. No car alarm,The truck runs perfect the only issue I have is one day after driving from Barstow, Ca. I was so exhausted I did not roll up my driver side window.
    Well I picked a real good night to leave my window opened we had thundershowers and I was knocked out. The next morning their was a little pool of water on the floor. (No carpet just plastic) And lo and behold my wipers started wiping when I started the car. Now it does it intermittently and when I go on a slight bump the wipers come on.

    What can I do to remedy this problem, I need them to be functional when I command them to.

    • James says:

      Sounds like it could be a short in your Smart Junction Box. I would have it diagnosed by a mechanic, as it could be more than one issue.


  74. Lewis Tyner says:


    I have a 2003 F-150 Supercrew 2wd. For about a year my RR power door lock was sluggish. It finally stopped working. About half a year later all power locks stopped working altogether. I lost my keyless remote before any of this happened. I did buy an aftermarket one after RR probs, but months before total PDL failure. It wouldn’t program as per instructions so I just forgot about it. Now, months later I’m tearing my truck apart looking for relays, fuses, grounds, anything… I’m lost! Does this sound like a GEM to you? Thanks!

  75. Shane Washluske says:

    I have a 1997 Ford F150 standard cab 4 wheel drive truck. 177,000 miles and runs like a champ. The other day I realized the windows were not working. Also the door locks, driver side seat and dome light. In fact the dome light would turn on and off as if part of an alarm system but has no alarm. Door lights non functional as is the third light (bed light). Not sure what happened. Everything was working up to the other day. Recently added a powered rearview mirror and it seems after that is when everything began not to work. Only the interior items listed are not working. If I use the light switch to turn the dome light on the (on/off) flickering stops. What can this be? did I cause this? i grounded the mirror to the frame but still have issues.
    Also have after market radio.

  76. Ryan says:

    Will a YL34-14B205-BA E gem fit my 2002 F250 7.3L diesel w/ ESOF? Do just the newest Ford version modified GEM (3C3Z-14B205-AA for my truck) need reprogrammed? When did the redesigned GEM start being produced? Also, I spoke to someone on the phone there and he said the GEM could not have diagnostics run but elsewhere on your site it says “The only way to know if your GEM Module is bad with 100% Accuracy is to have it tested by a qualified mechanic with the proper equipment.” What kind of test would the do? Nothing I could test for myself? Thank you

  77. august says:

    have all the symptoms of a bad gem in my 2002 ford f550……. no water damage visible….. Is a replacement available?

    • James says:

      For an F-550 We will need the part number off your old module. I can find you the correct module with this part number.


  78. Jason says:

    I have a 2000 Ford F 150 that I love. I have had no major problems with it whatsoever after owing it for about 6 years. It got a cracked windshield so I took it in to get replaced. I noticed electrical problems right after the window was replaced . I called the glass shop and asked them what they did. They said they just replaced the windshield, washed the outside of the truck, and did a quick interior detail. I told them what was happening and that I thought it was acting like something got wet. They told me to bring it in the next day and they would have someone look at it. They could not figure out what was wrong and swore up and down that the window was sealed properly so they sent me to the Ford Dealership and Ford told me that the GEM module got wet. I did some internet research about my electronics issue before hand and had already came to that conclusion before taking it to Ford. Leaky windshield and wet GEM module. Right now, all the negative electronic symptoms that I had for two days are gone. I am assuming because it dried out. The glass place has agreed to totally reseal the window and pay for more than half of the GEM replacement. (not full because Ford says it could have been a preexisting condition) If the glass place stops the leak from causing future problems will my current GEM module be okay since it may have only gotten wet once? I currently have no electronic issues.


    • James says:


      You Gem could be OK for a while, But Eventually it will fail. Usually once there is a significant change in air temperature it will fail for good. You need to be sure the Glass shop uses the correct seal and fixes it permanently, or GEM issues will be persistent.


  79. John says:

    Hey I have a 99 ranger xlt the 4×4 is only working in high side and ford dealership said bad gem module. I had replaced transfer case motor, new switch on dash and checked the hubs. Is there any modules that interchange with mine?

  80. Ron Durocher says:

    I am replacing it with new one , does new GEM Module need to be programed?

  81. Ryon Ayers says:

    I have a 1997 ford expedition 4×4 XLT. i left for the weekend and when i came back the radio was running in the truck as well as my key FOB wasnt working. after jumping the battery and starting the truck i noticed that after i shut down the truck and remove the key and get out, the radio and windows still are operational. is this a cause of a failing GEM? i also did notice a small amount of water leaking near the door seal.

  82. jesse says:

    Is a gem module with part number F85B-14B205-KA. compatible with 2L14-14B205-AA

  83. OJ says:

    I have a 97 f150 power windows and locks, 4.6 auto. My issue is windows don’t work and temperature gauge maxxes out with key in acc position and also when truck is cold. Already tested temp sensors and no change. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is it the gem unit?

    • James says:

      The windows could be the GEM, your temp gunge will be another issue. You will want to have a qualified mechanic diagnose your truck as you may have multiple issues.

  84. Adam W. says:

    Hey James,
    I have a 2000 Ford Expedition (5.4L, 4×4, keyless entry). I recently ordered a new GEM module from Auto Parts Cheaper. After installing the new GEM my radio does not work at all, also I pushed on a fuse under the dash ever so delicately (with the vehicle idling) to ensure that it was all the way in and the truck died. My dome lights aren’t always on when they should be, and my truck is now hard to start at times. Could this be a defective GEM?

    • James says:

      The GEM Does not control the starting of the truck. It sounds like you could have a fuse box issue. Please have your truck diagnosed by ans ASE certified mechanic, otherwise you could spend a lot of money on parts before the issue is resolved. All of our GEM modules come with a 10 year warranty, so if you mechanic finds that the radio is a GEM issue, we will take care of it no problem.

  85. Bonitto says:

    Need GEM for 2002 F250 7.3 desel 4×4 swist knob .
    I need to know ware on my truck to find GEM .

    • James says:

      The GEM Is located behind the glove box. I will need more info on the truck to point you to the right module. Give me a call at 1-800-508-7110


  86. james ruben says:

    Hello, I have a 1997 mustang v6. A month ago I lost all dash lights, no dome light no speedometer and electric coolant fans won’t come on. Does this sound typical of a GEM and if so how much for a new one. I have power windows, power locks, power seats. Thanks for your help.

  87. Jed says:

    I have a 2000 ford f 550 diesel 2 wheel drive and it wont start. The pcm fuse is blown and if i put a new one in, it just blows again. Is that possibly just a short or something else? Thanks jed

  88. corey says:

    hi I got a 97 f150 that goes in and out of 4×4 and intermintant problem with my dome light the 4×4 just wigs out replaced the t-case motor the silonoids and chased down a few vacuum leaks but nothing is correcting the problem any help

  89. corey says:

    im having a problem with 97 f150 goes in and out of 4×4 when it wants to replaced t-case motor and silonoids and chased a few vacuum leaks down but nothing has fixed the problem if the truck sits for awhile the battery seems to be weaker and dome light will stay on or turn off randomly any help

  90. Ryan says:

    I have a 1998 Ford Expedition 4X4 with a 4.6. I think I’m a victim of the dreaded leakage of my windshield down into my GEM and fuse box. First I noticed the voltage on my battery gauge would completely spike and the batter light would come on causing my radio and to cut out, overhead display would surge and go blank, as well as my headlight getting very bright. That would sporadically happen. Then one cold morning I came out to a dead battery(less than a year old), Jump it, everything is fine….for the day. Overnight the battery would die again. I found disconnecting the negative on the battery would correct this. This has been about a week of doing this now. Today i noticed all battery gauge, the oil pressure gauge, and my fuel gauge are all out of wack. I noticed from looking outside fogged area on my windshield where it looks like water is building up. I’m having a hard time finding a place to re-seal my windshield, but when I finally do what is the correct GEM to get from you. Also my 4X4 wont engage on the fly and wondering if this may have something to do with it.

  91. jose maldonado says:

    hola James mi camioneta ford 2004 f150 tiene el problema de que abro el switch y empieza a funcionar los limpiaparabrisas y el chisguetero sin tocar la palanca y boton de estos despues se paran ycada 20 segundos vuelve a trabajar los limpiaparabrisas sera el modulo GEM pues ya cheque todo y esta en buen estado

  92. Robert Joseph says:

    Have a 2003 F350 with the 7.3L. Symptoms are no 4×4, no dome light, radio and windows sometimes don’t work on startup and then come on after a few minutes of driving. Replaced the multifunction switch 4×4 relays and 4×4 switch. MF switch fixed a few issues, but still no 4×4. Took it to my dealer and they said there’s nothing wrong with the GEM/VSM. Said my 4×4 motor on the tcase is bad. Swapped in a known good one from another truck and still nothing. So thinking it’s got to be the GEM/VSM or 4×4 module. Do you have either of these?

  93. Philip says:

    I have a 2000 f150 4wd, when key is in run mode I have no wipers, radio, 4wd, and occasionly power windows fail, also no backup lamps, when key is in acc position all work fine, do you think gem or ignition switch? Thanks

  94. Curt says:

    My 2002 F150 is possessed. The lights will flicker and the trucks blower motor will cut on even with the key not in the ignition. Also 4×4 light will cut on and off and keyless remote no longer works…..HELP

  95. EJ says:

    Hello James

    I have a 2000 f150 7700 series. I bought this used and the ignition key was always able to be removed with truck running. Any way, the other day started it up and after a few seconds I could hear relays clicking and the starter was trying to re engage while ti was running. Put it into drive and it stopped. Put it back in park and starter tries to re engage. Went to work and when I started the truck up after it was fine. Stopped for coffee and when starting truck again, same thing. Got new ignition switch and replaced it. Now it started fine and starter remained quiet while truck was running, but I could still hear relays clicking and the dash lights were staying on but dim, and the gauges all acted wacky. Shut it off and could still hear relays clicking. tried to start it but now it just cranks and will not fire….GEM?

    • James says:

      it sounds like you have more than 1 issue. I would have it diagnosed by a professional mechanic.


  96. leo says:

    hello, my car uses this piece 1C3Z-14B205-FA however not find anywhere, can use this model here xC3Z-14B205-FA?

  97. Alberto says:

    Hi James:

    I have a 2000 Ford F150 V6 4×2, and for the last year I’ve had problems with a beeping noise that comes from under the dash board. Also, I started to have problems with the A/C blower not turning off after shutting down the engine, so I have to shut off the A/C manually every time I step out of the car. Also, if I would leave the vehicle parked for more than a day, the battery would be drained.
    From the symptoms that the truck has, and from I’ve been reading from your blog, it looks like it may lead to problems with the GEM Module, and it looks like from the year of my truck, the module would not have to be programmed. My question is: If the GEM Module did get water damage, would that also affect the fuse box since it is attached to it? I removed it and don’t see any type of corrosion, so I’m hoping it just went out. Can you please put a link to the correct one on your site? Thanks you for your help…

  98. Paul says:

    Thanks in advance for your help to me and other on this blog.
    I have a 1999 F350 Powerstroke, 6 sp., 4 wd with a knob, power windows, locks and all common optoins (VIN 1FTWW 33F5X EA76692). I have a clear GEM problem as many functions controlled by GEM do not operate or are goofy.
    The GEM I pulled out which appears to be original is F81B 14B205 EL. The dealer says it should be the same number with a ET suffix… Could you shed some light on which suffixes (or types) might be interchangeable for this vehicle? Is merely the type (E in my case) that matters or does the whole suffix have to match? I know some part numbers have been superseded, possibly several times, which would also mean all these part numbers should work. Is there any way to tell which part numbers are interchangeable?
    Thank you.

    • James says:


      You can use any gem that begins with F81b-14b205 and ends with EN,EE,OR EL. I have never heard of an ET. These gems are notorious problems, and even the new ones from Ford are Junk, We no longer sell this GEM due to the quality issues.


  99. EJ says:

    HI James,
    2000 F150 After most recent rain, climbed in truck and blower was running, and no power windows. Truck starts up fine but lots of relay clicking, 4×4 light on dash going on and off, headlights and parking lights coming on and off, interior light going on and off. Some times the warning lights on dash will flicker on and off. Sounds like GEM. What do you think? Thanks in advance.

  100. Travis says:

    I took my 1997 f150 , 4×4 esof, to the shop and was diagnosed to have a bad gem. The number on the old gem is F75B-14B205-ND. Could you direct me towards the correct replacement. Thanks in advance.

  101. Andy says:

    I have a 1997 Ford F150 4.6L with the electronic shift 4wd. This weekend i went to turn switch and all i hear is a click click click and will not lock into 4wd. The 4×4 light does not show either. Also in the last week the power windows stopped working.
    Also the only way the headlights work is if i manually put in the fuses under the hood. Even if i leave the fuses and turn unplug the headlight switch on the dashboard, the rear tail lights stay on even though they are suppose to be off. Would the be the GEM?

  102. David says:

    Hi. I have a 2001 F250 7.3L 4WD ESOF. I have a windshield leak and I’m taking that issue up with the installation shop. We had torrential rain last night and today the horn developed a mind of its own, and while trouble-shooting that I noticed the blower running with engine off, key out. When I reseat the blower relay it latches immediately. I have now pulled the fuse block and GEM, I see some evidence of corrosion in the wire harness bulkhead connector sockets on the back of the fuse block. I’ve taken the PC card out of the GEM box and it appears to be fine, and there is no evidence of water in the GEM box. I’m thinking I only have a fuse block problem at this point?

  103. dean williams says:

    hi james i have been following you post real close now maybe you can help. me, my 1999 f250 superduty 4×4 manual trans, battery drains overnight, i put a meter between mt battery pos. and positive wire, and am drawing a constant 12 volts, even after pulling every fuse under the dash and under the hood and still a 12 volt draw, does this sound like a gem module problem?

    • James says:

      If you have pulled the fuse for the GEM module, and you still have the draw, this is not a GEM problem.


  104. David Siegel says:

    Hello James,

    I have a 1998 4.6L Ford f150. Vin Number: 1FTZX1761WNB55316. Having electrical issues.

    We recently had a cold spell drop in the teens last week. All of the sudden, windshield wipers stop working and notice the dome light stop working. Replace windshield wiper motor, now working. No sign of windshield glass leaking into truck. The next day, winshield wiper not working and notices the dome light out. After driving into town most of the day, night fall was arriving. I decided to turn on my headlight. Insaid, I turn on my wipers by accident and the wipers started working again, including the dome light. The next day, morning, it stop working again and the dome light out. After driving to the store, truck warming up the windshield wiper stated working again and also dome light working. Took it to Advance Auto to test battery and alternator out. No problem. Do you thing it’s a GEM problem? What can I do to test, if it’s a GEM causing the problem? If so, what is the cost and item number I need to get this thing fix? This has really been buging me. Waiting for your response.

    • James says:

      Yes it is most likely your GEM module. They are sensitive to the cold, and will work once the inside of the truck warms up, but this is only temporary, it is on its way out and will fail completely shortly.

  105. Jessica says:

    Hello, I have a 2000 Lincoln Navigator that I have been having some electrical issues with. First: randomly my battery will be drained after sitting. Second: my door ajar light will come one sometimes while driving which causes the interior lights to come on as well. I check all the doors and all are shut. My windshield wipers will sometimes not turn on or turn on its own. The wiper fluid will continue to spray. my door locks sometimes wont stop clicking. abs light turns on an off randomly. Ok here is what I have done so far…. replaced altenator twice, replaced battery, replaced multifunction switch, wiper and turnsignal relay(because I was having problems with my turn signals but they are still working since I replaced for now)…….Replacing the GEM was my next thought but would love a second opinion on what you think….And where is it located in my vehicle….Thank you so much for your help

  106. Tim says:

    I have a 04 mountaineer. The other day i started it and dashboard gauges dont work. Locks wont work either unless I activate it. Radio and rear defrost will not work either. All lights besides dome light works and all signals work. Any info? Thanks.

    • James says:

      Sorry we do not have any info on mountaineer or explorer, we only do GEM modules for full size trucks.

  107. bradley wilkes says:

    I have a 2002 ford f150 and I was told that mine is bad just checking that it is bad before I buy a new one but my truck is burning up starter I can start the truck one time and if I turn it off the starter is no good just trying to figure if my gem modules control the volt going to the starter cause its seem its back feeding to the starter please help me thank you for your time

  108. Kayla says:

    I have a 2001 Expedition. To begin with, if we went to the store or something and turned off the ignition, it wouldn’t crank again until we left it alone for about an hour. Then the battery would run dead very quickly and the exterior lights wouldn’t work. We took it to a local repair shop and was told it was the gem module, and quoted us $900 to fix. I understand that is probably the reason for the battery and the lights, but what about the ignition? Thanks so much!

    • James says:

      The GEM does not interface with the ignition. You may want to have the PCM diagnosed. The battery issue is most likely your GEM module.

  109. Joe H says:

    Hi James,
    I have a 2002 F350 7.3L Turbo diesel. It is a dually, 2 wheel drive, manual trans, no a/c, manual windows/locks, chassis cab model(it has a 12′ stake side bed). One day I used the keyless entry for my 1999 chevy k1500 while the ford was next to it and the Ford went bonkers…..The horn started going off and the flashers started flashing. I finally got that to stop, I think by hitting the keyless entry for the chevy a few more times. From this day on the flashers blink and the horn honks(unitl a friend disconnected something that prevents the horn from being activated by the security system) almost every time the door is opened. I had the truck painted since this began happening and when it came back from the shop the problem was gone for a couple of weeks but then it came back. Does this sound like a GEM problem? Thanks very much for you help! Joe

    • James says:

      That is a strange problem I have not heard of. Sounds like more of a fuse box problem than the GEM. I would get it professionally diagnosed.

  110. Ken says:

    Hey James,

    I have a 2002 F-250 Super Duty 4×4 (Crew Cab)…power mirrors only work going in and out (not up and down), door ajar light stays on constantly, power locks don’t work, driver’s window no longer will drop fully with just pushing the button once, audio speakers come and go, and recently the ABS light is on and off (which causes the speedometer to go crazy). Does the GEM control all these things? Will you let me know where I can get one or the part number?


  111. Joe says:

    I have a 2004 ford excursion. The switches have 3 to 4 volts when doors are open and 11-12 when doors are closed the door light in dash is always on and the auto lights don’t work also the keyless entry doesn’t work. The key pad on drivers door will unlock but will not lock doors.

    I am thinking it is the gem module any thoughts.

    Thank you,


    • James says:

      A 2004 excursion does not have a GEM, it is a smart junction box. You will want to have this diagnosed by a professional shop, as it is quite complicated. Sometimes a simple reflash could solve the problem.

  112. Corey says:

    Hi James. First off I want to say thanks for all of your help on this site. I have a 2001 Explorer Sport Trac (first yr of production). The issues are as follows: Nothing at all happens when I try to engage 4wd, Front interior dome light doesn’t work, rear sliding window doesn’t work, random chime for approx. 1 minute after startup, overdrive button only works occasionally, reverse lights are out. My GEM# is YL2T-14B205-BB….I got a replacement from a salvaged sport trac and I have the same issues when using it. Three different dealerships have told me I would have to bring it in for programming. Are they wrong since its a 2001 model? Thanks

    • James says:


      Unfortunately I am not familiar with sport trac since we only do full size trucks. But I am very doubtful it has to be programmed. It sounds more like you just got a bad one for the junk yard. You may call AES at 1-800-486-0922 for info on sport trac.

  113. Sebastian says:

    Hello James, thanks for your atenttion, I need to know if you have the GEM for ford explorer 2003, 3 doors, it is manual, also is 4wd, the problem is that this car is not american, it is ensambled in Venezuela, please let me know if you can find it, so I will contact by phone and make the purchase.

    very thanks

    Hope your soon awnser.

  114. Keith says:

    2007 expedition, the left turn signal is stuck on. i disconnected the multi functional switch and still getting the same issue. Is my SJB Bad?

    • James says:

      It is possible since the relay for the turn signals is in the SJB. I would get it diagnosed by an electrical shop.

  115. ken says:

    Hello there,
    I just purchased a gem module from you for a 1999 f-150 w/eso f. I haven’t checked yet for green oxidation yet but if there is where can I find directions to fix the ford waterfall? My part should be here Saturday and if the dang weather gets above freezing I hope to get it put in. Thank you, Ken.

    • James says:

      To fix the waterfall, you will need to have a glass shop remove your windshield and reseal around the edges. This is the only way to prevent the future water leaks.


  116. John says:

    I have Ford edge 2012 limited . My hatch , heater blower , electrical driver seat and rear wiper stop working, the car communicates only partially by using VCM II clone. I am suspecting fuse box SJB . My question : If I buy USED one same # as the one in the car will it need to be reprogram if VCM does not show it as a programmable module as ABS or other. Can you find such module I hope used one because it will be cheaper.

    • James says:

      If you get the same part number you will have the same problems again. Ford has an updated design available, you will want to get that from your local Ford Dealer.

  117. John says:

    Thank you for your response. I have bought an updated used junction box from a junkyard. When I put it in the car it gives me that no key is detected. I know that the keys need to be adapted again and erase the old ones. My question is because the junction box is used and comes from a donor vehicle will the vin# of the donor vehicle that is programmed in the junction box cause a problem when I add the keys for my current car which has a different vin# from the donor vehicle that the junction box comes from.

    Once again, Thank you very much for your time and help. I do appreciate it a lot.

    • James says:

      You will need to have the Junction box programmed to match the vehicle you are putting it in.

  118. Ronald Smith says:

    I have a 99 F150 XL 4.2 automatic. I just had the transmission rebuilt and I am still having shifting problems. Transmission shop said it is not anything in the transmission. It has beenback to them 4 times and they have troubleshot everything in the tranny. The speedodomter starts going haywire when the truck starts shifting crazy . Tranny shop said something else is causing this. Could the GEM be the issue

    • James says:

      The speedo could be the GEM, however the transmission is controlled by the PCM, and does not interfcace with the GEM at all.


  119. Greg Thompson says:

    I have a 2000 2wd standard shift f150 with power windows, power door locks, and remote entry. I believe I have a bad gem module. Windows and dome lights won’t work while engine is running but work fine at other times. Gauges on dash don’t work. I checked all the fuses and ignition switch and they are fine.
    What gem do I need?

  120. jon says:

    I have a 02 f250 and the power windows and radio quit working. Checked all the fuses and relays. Now I noticed when I open the door with the auto lights on and key on they flash on and off… any idea what could cause this?

    • James says:

      The windows and radio will most likely be the GEM module. As far as the lights blinking, I’m not sure about that one, you may want to have a mechanic check it out.


  121. Gregg says:

    Hi James, I have a 98 f-150 4wd doesn’t work the indicator lights light up apon start up but go out nothing works transfer case motor does work when current is shot to it keyless entry also doesn’t work could this be the gem . Thanx G.Small

  122. Shannon says:

    Can a gem module from a gas burner change out with a diesel?

  123. Ken says:

    Hi James,
    I have a 2000 Ford Expedition 5.4L 4WD (ESOF) that when the engine is turned off and key is removed I get the following symptoms…odometer turns on with dashes or mileage showing, anti theft light flashes, battery icon lamp on dim, blower / fan is on at whatever speed it is set to, door locks may cycle, abs module under the hood will cycle (pulsing sound that can be felt and heard), fuel/temp/oil pressure/battery gauges on dash all activate. In this condition I can turn the ignition on and the engine cranks normally, but will not start, as if the fuel pump isn’t working. I can disconnect the battery for a few hours overnight, reconnect it, and immediately the car will start. After I turn off the engine, the symptoms start re-occuring with the key out, like it is possessed. Now it won’t start again and I have to disconnect the battery for a while for the car to start again. Do you think it is the GEM? If so, which one do I order from you? Thanks.


  124. Summer Kennedy says:

    I have a 2003 F-150 and I am thinking this is the issue I have recently. We have a windshield that leaks terribly bad and on my way home from work 2 days ago the windshield wipers wont wont. Since then the issues have continued to increase with all of them coming and going: clicking under the dash, lights on the doors for the windows and locks flashing, 4×4 light in the instrument panel flashes with the clicking, the blower for the heat stays on even after the key is removed from the ignition, and most recently an alarm will go off under the dash (5 beeps, 5 times). Getting the windshield replaced tomorrow. This sounds like it could be the GEM but I havn’t seen anything about this bizarre alarm under the dash on this forum. Other forums have suggested that the alarm is linked to something to do with the airbags. If you believe it is the GEM can you send me information on prices? Thank you.

  125. Bob says:

    2001 F150 Lariat SC 5.4 4×4 ESOF

    Over a couple nights, headlights would shut off on a delay (auto lamp is never used). When the lights turned off, there was a repetitive clicking in middle of dash. On the following day, I tried the headlights & they turned off immediately when switch turned to off position. I went to move truck that afternoon, the clicking was heard again. The radio & odometer would dim and come back with every clicking noise. Talked to a friend at Ford dealership, he mentioned the GEM. The windshield have been replace multiple times over the years. Since day 1, I’ve battled an intermittent leak on LH A-pillar grab handle (prolly moonroof drain issue) which drips into left dash vent. I started pulling dash apart to examine GEM/fuse box for corrosion/wetness. I pulled both out…no signs of either. I did not pull GEM off fuse box since I didn’t see any troubling signs. I re-installed & decided that it might be a bad auto lamp module. I pulled module, connected battery & started truck. No clicking but ABS & Airbag lights are on…overhead console not powered up. I thought maybe the auto lamp module had something to do with it, so I reconnected & disconnect battery to reset everything. After 20 minutes, I started truck ABS/airbag lights were still on. I check random fuses for correct circuits which looked good. PW/PL, wipers, headlights all work.

    I have yet to borrow an evtm, but could it still be the GEM? I don’t mind spending the money, but I don’t want to throw parts at electrical gremlins. Thanks in advance!

    • James says:

      The Problems you are experiencing are most likely GEM related. I would still get it checked out, but from what you describe the GEM definatley could be your problem.


  126. Bob says:

    Thanks for you reply. The clicking made me think it was auto lamp module that didn’t know if it was day or night…hence the repeated dimming of radio & odometer when light out…delayed headlights at night.

  127. Steve says:


    I need a F81B 14B205 GB GEM Module for a 1999 F250 SD 7.3 Ltr Turbo Diesel
    According to your lisiting I am unsure if you have it or not.

    Thank You,

  128. Marcus says:

    I have a 2000 F150 5.4 ford 4×4. The headlights turn off and on theirselves without switch being on. When I drive my truck and turn the switch on headlights come on but when I turn the switch off they will not go off. The radio light and odometer light blinks on and off too. Could this be the GEM? This model has no daytime running lights. Thank you

    • James says:


      These are not common GEM issues, usually you have some other issue that goes along with these problems. The GEM could be to blame, but there are no enough problems to single it out.

  129. Keenan says:

    Hi James,
    I have an 03 F-250 Crew Cab and the only issue that im having is that i cant get my dome lights to come on when i open the Door. The map lights work but the dome light does not come on. Either of them. Do you think this is a GEM issue or something else.

  130. Les says:

    I have a 1997 f150 4×4 esof the driver window wont go down and if I pull the harness off the window switch the dome light flashes like a turn signal. do you think it might be the GEM

    • James says:

      Yes, this could very well be the GEM module, it sounds like you may have a short. Both the Dome light and window switch run through this GEM.


  131. Brad says:


    I have a 1997 Ford Expedition, 4×4, 5.4L automatic. The battery died a few weeks ago and I got it to start again and charged it up and it sat. I went to drive it yesterday and the battery was still charged. The truck was a little low on coolant so I added some to the overflow and when I started the truck up I noticed that the gauges were bouncing.

    The dash voltmeter reads no voltage, the oil pressure gauge will read all the way high, then all the way low. The coolant temperature gauge will read all the way hot, then all the way cold and the fuel gauge will read a 1/4 to a 1/2 and fluctuate. I can’t remember if the tach and speedo were working or not. The truck runs poor like it is in limp mode as well and only running on 4 cylinders.

    Could this be the gems module? If you aren’t sure, what additional things could I look for or test to confirm or deny?

  132. August says:

    I need a GEM for a 1997 F150 4×4 ESOF on dash. Is this the correct one? I want to make sure before I order.×4-Genuine-Ford-GEM-Mo-p/f85z-14b205-na-a12.htm


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