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How To Fix 2006-2008 Kia Optima Sun Visor Problems.

The Original Problem 

Do you have a 2006-2008 Kia Optima? Is the visor falling down and obstructing your vision?

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The original sun visors installed in these cars had a major problem. The visor will not stay up and it constantly falls while driving or running over a bump. Its not just your car, every Optima manufactured in these years has the same problem. The support rod loses tension over time, and begins to lose grip.

Unfortunately this is a common problem on the Kia optima and its Sister the Hyundai Sonata. Unfortunately due to different roof slope measurements the visors are not interchangeable, so you will need to go with the Kia specific visor.

The Good News

There is a new version of the visor that has just been released.  This visor is much stronger, and includes an interior improved tension mechanism, that makes it much more reliable. The Visor comes direct from KIA and is not an imitation or sloppy temporary solution. The Visor is covered in cloth and is an exact match to the original in looks, the improvements are in the inside.

Get your Get your New Improved Kia Optima Visors here.  that will not fall down, and will not lose tension. The new visor is completely redesigned internally by Kia engineers to never fail again.

 Installation Instructions:

  1. There is a cover that covers the screw holes on the portion  of the visor where it mounts to the ceiling. Get a flat blade screwdriver, cover the tip in electrical tape so you don’t scratch anything.
  2. Using the flat blade. Pop off the cap that covers the screws, the Phillips mounting screws should now be visible.
  3. Unscrew both Phillips screws with one hand while holding the visor in the other, so that it does not fall and dangle by the electrical wire.
  4. unplug the electrical connector from the ceiling.
  5. installation is just the opposite of removal

Be careful!

Kia still sells both designs of this visor. They sell the old defective design, and the new improved design. Many companies and dealers are still selling the old design because it is cheaper and they can make more profit. If you get the old design you will just have the same problem again. We only sell the new design visors. If the price is too good to be true, you are getting the old version.



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